New problem with Rx

Question: you receive a written Rx for the following:

Jane Doe

123 Main Street, Toronto, Ontario


Rx.  Tetracycline 250 mg

Take 1 cap q6h uf

Mitte: 40



Dr. Wensley Jones

88 Balmoral Ave, Toronto, Ontario 


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New problem with Narcotic Rx

A patient brings in a new Rx for Morphine 5 mg.  The quantity is written Mitte: 200 tablets, dispense 50 tablets every 10 days.  Is this okay?


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How to Use the CPS

Agro Health Associates

I would like to discuss another topic that frustrates most IPG's: How to use the CPS. 

First of all, the CPS is a very difficult reference for anyone to use for many reasons:

The font is very small; it is difficult to find information quickly; some monographs are huge; there doesn't seem to be any coherent template to find information.

Here are some tips:

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Professional Judgement

Agro Health Associates

Today I would like to write about Professional Judgement. This is one of the most difficult areas for foreign trained pharmacists to use in pharmacy practise.

After training International Pharmacy Graduates (IPG's) for ten years, the use of professional judgement can mean the difference between passing and failing OSCE.

This frequently happens when there is a tough situation (ethical?) or otherwise.  For example, a patient asks you for a repeat of a narcotic prescription that they had for cancer pain. 
There are no repeats on the medication and you cannot get in touch with the cancer specialist that originally prescribed the medication.  What do you do?

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Tips for passing the OSCE exam the first time!

Agro Health Associates

To all pharmacists preparing for OSCE:

There is no secret, short cut or magic formula for passing the OSCE the first time. I would like to add some comments about passing the OSCE exams.

  • If you are unfamiliar with the OSCE exams, make certain you visit This will explain in detail what the expectations are for the OSCE.

  • MAKE CERTAIN YOUR ENGLISH IS UNDERSTANDABLE. Communication counts for almost 50% of the exam. If you cannot be understood, not amount of clinical knowledge is going to help you.
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Some Motivational Principles

We all want to succeed and we all struggle at times. So many people want to give you advice on how to succeed and to take your money while they are doing it. There are many motivational books available and the truth is they are not magic, they can do nothing unless you realise the key to success is within you, not in a book, not in a lecture and not in a speech.

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Success in the PEBC OSCE

The following are my personal observations after training internationally trained pharmacists (IPG’s) for eight years. The following comments are in no particular order, and I will submit further comments at a later date.

  1. Make sure you are completely familiar with the requirements of the PEBC. You should study the PEBC website at

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Countdown to the November 2008 Qualifying Exams

Yes it's that time of year again, the fall 2008 Qualifying exams begin in just 8 days!
Everyone is no doubt getting a little nervous and doing some last minute cramming, but hopefully you have covered the bulk of what you need to know by now. To help you to study effectively with your remaining time and to try and calm those nerves here are my top tips for the last week before undertaking the Qualifying exams and for the exam day itself.

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Studying for the PEBC Examinations

Hi all,

In my experience when it comes to becoming licensed as a pharmacist in Canada and taking the PEBC exams, the most frequently asked questions include: :?

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Your PEBC exam questions & Looking for contributors

Hi all,

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