New problem with Narcotic Rx

A patient brings in a new Rx for Morphine 5 mg.  The quantity is written Mitte: 200 tablets, dispense 50 tablets every 10 days.  Is this okay?


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Paul, thank you for this

Paul, thank you for this question. My answer:

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It is not ok. The motive  may have been fine but there is likely to be a problem with this prescription. I would therefore need to talk to the doctor  to find out some facts about the patient and the condition. First the dose seem be too low. It is below the 10-30 mg po q4-6 hrs recommended  by the references. How then will the patient take  a total of  250 mg in 10 days yet the minimum is 400mg in 10 days. I stand to be corrected. Otherwise, If this is corrected, as a Pharmacist, I will have to indicate on the number on the new prescription,  the date and my initials.

Narcotic Rx Answer

The Rx is...

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not ok. My reasons- Any narcotic Rx or even any Rx at all should state a complete direction of how it should be used in a detailed form e.g  2x daily or prn etc. It is the requirement of the law , in my opinion. The Rx can be partfilled as written if authorised by the physician. And of course with his signature , date and name of the patient.

Hey Paul

Hey Paul,

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I will dispense it cause everything is okey. the patient then will be able to use 5 tablets daily and it is part refill so there is no legal issue behind it. Am i right??

THX for the Q. but can't be dispensed

the Rx can't be dispensed as there are no directions. However the dosage and intervals are ok. According to CPS, the most frequent initial dose is 10 mg orally, every 4 hours as needed for acute pain and every 4 hours around-the-clock for chronic pain, or as directed by a physician.