difference between EE and MCQ 1

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hello ,i am just trying to compare from ur experience which exam is considered more difficult EE or MCQ1 and which one of them is equivalent to the NAPLEX? thxx

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Comparing the EE and MCQ: Tough Question

That's a tough question both exams are hard and which is hardest will depend on a persons strengths and weaknesses.

The Evalauting Exam is really testing the foundation of your pharamcy knowledge, meaning more of the basic sciences. The tough thing about the Evaluating Exam is the shear volume of information you are trying to review, basically your entire pharamcy degree.

I personally found the MCQ a little harder than the Evalauting Exam. I have never taken the NAPLEX exam, but I think the MCQ would be most like the NAPLEX exam. The MCQ exam involves a lot more clinical detail along with testing your ability to apply your clinical knowledge and judgement to scenarios.

Mat ;)