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Hello to one and all. I'll be appearing for the Jan '09 Evaluation Exam in Toronto. My revision so far has been patchy at best. Will be arriving in Canada on the 29th of Dec and then have jst bout 2 weeks to be as ready as possible.

I'd be very much obliged if u guys cud give me few pointers on how to best utilise the remainder of my time to get ready for the exam. Im using CPR as a primary reference and using AOL:Quick review as a supplemental checkpoint. Ive cleared bout 95% of the 1st section of the CPR book and have just managed to clear the CVS disorders in the 2nd section (Pharm Practice) along with the smaller chapters (such as ADRs, medication errors, drug information etc).

Also, im depending on the pharm practice section for my physiology review.

Please help in giving me a few pointers on how best to finish the remainder of the portion and ESPeCIALLY the best sources to prepare for Secion 4 of the evaluation exam (which includes the Canadian health system, laws, pharmepidemiology etc).

earliest replies are deeply appreciated.

Thanx to all..

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I think you should now be

I think you should now be trying to reduce what you have learned down in to short note form. These notes will help you review what you have covered and will be good to help remind you of key points when studying during those last few days before the exam.

I don't know if you have covered them but the chapters on medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are worth reviewing. Infectious diseases, antibiotics and immunization schedules in Canada is large area that is important to every day practice in Canadian Pharmacy and should not be overlooked. Calculations should be praticed until you can do them in your sleep. Practicing sample questions from Quick Review Pharmacy will help you focus on what you are weaker on.

To study for the behavioural, social and administrative pharmacy sciences section of the exam there are a few resources you should refer to. The re is a text called Pharmacy Management in Canada that covers things like pharmacoeconomics in Canada. To be honest in the entire book there are only a few chapters of any real use for the exam. Those chapters cover the Canadian Health System and some economic formulas. Comprehensive Pharmacy Review will cover most of what you need to know for pharmacoeconomics and epidemiology. Some good references can be found in the links section. Look at the references listed under Canadian Pharmacy Law and Canadian Health Care System. As I have mentioned in other posts, in terms of pharmacy law you just need a good overview of federal pharmacy law relating to drug schedules and classes, narcotics, targeted drugs and prescription requirements.

Good Luck,

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Thanx a lot, Mat... That

Thanx a lot, Mat... That really puts to rest the worries i had for section 4... the topics u mentioned, i.e. Med chem, pkinetics and pharmacology; i have done them pretty well... have decent short-notes for practically all of the 1st section of the CPR book...

Infectitious diseases is something I did quite well in my bachelor's and although its a big chapter in the CPR book, im hoping i can clear it in a couple of days... just hope to finish all the lag i have by the 7th of Jan, so i can have a week to review everything quickly once more before the exam..

Truely appreciate your help... thanx 1ce again...

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hello i m new to this forum

hello i m new to this forum i would like some friendly advice from the people belonging to this forum about the preparation of pebc evaluating exam..i gave my 1st attemp in july but failed to pass so..i just want to know that mostly people refer comprehensive pharmacy review for preparing the test but i found that mosst of the topics in syllabus of pebc is not mentioned in the still worried. im also one of the member of TIPS (toronto institute of pharmaceutical science),i selected the home preparatory package..they provided me 6 books im right now studying from there..plz if any of u are the student of TIPS and has passed eva. exam plz lemme know wether those books and info in it are useful or not...if any other suggestion for preparing i will be thankful if u help me

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preparation for evaluating examination

Hi Samiyah, I am new to this forum as well .
look Samiyah I am preparing to take the exam in london as i am settled in london ..
you are right there is alot of topics that are not present in comprehensive pharmacy review
1- you can study pharmacology from lippincot's pharmacology
2- anatomy and physiology from a book called anatomy and physiology in health and illness..
they will cover most of the medical sections trust me

Good Luck

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hi EE prep

HI,Im new too to this forum and IM planning to enroll to TIPS too can I ask you something is it worth it the books ,it does really help you for the review?where are you located? me in montreal.

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hello caren ,i am hussein

hello caren ,i am hussein and i am immigrating in few months to montreal ,i will take the EE exam next july or jan 2010, i just want to know if it i difficult to work as ph tecnician at the begening ... this is my email
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