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I know I should not be concerned with this but do you know approx what percentage of people pass the EE on there first attempt?

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EE Pass on First Attempt

I can not find any information that narrows down how many exam takers pass the evaluating Exam on their first attempt. All I could find was this document:
Moving Forward - Integration of International Pharmacy Graduates into the Canadian Pharmacy Workforce: Barriers and Facilitators.

This document examines the integration of International Pharmacy Graduates (IPGs) in to the Canadian workforce. In examining the Licensing/Registering of IPGs to Practise as a Pharmacist in Canada this document states:


During the time period of 2002-2006, an annual average of 876 unique, individual IPGs presented their documents for evaluation. During the same time period, an annual average of 694 unique IPGs attempted the Evaluating Examination; an average of 524 IPGs attempted the Qualifying Examination Part I (the multiple choice questionnaire) and an average of 433 IPGs attempted the Qualifying Examination Part II (the OSCE). Candidates can have up to four attempts to pass each examination.

During the years 2002 to 2006, combining all examination sittings, the IPG pass rate was 59% for the Evaluating Examination, 48% for the Qualifying Examination Part I, and 45% for the Qualifying Examination Part II. While only a quarter (26%) of unique IPGs made multiple attempts at the Evaluating Examination, almost one-half of unique IPGs made multiple attempts at both parts of the Qualifying Examination during that period (46% and 48% respectively). By comparison, less than 10% of domestic graduates generally make more than one attempt at the Qualifying Examination.