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hi everyone!i have read all the posts and also the OCP website but its still confusing whether completing IPG program is MANDATORY to get registered for studentship in ONTARIO, in the website it is stated that for international pharmacy graduates the 32 weeks of studentship include 16 weeks of IPG and 16 weeks of studentship??? IS it MANDATORY now to do IPG??? they said if we have previous work experience an dif we pass MCQ & OSCE then we can go to panel for reduction in studentship hours and i know a friend who has done the same and got exempted from IPG program but now again some people are telling its mandatory now!!! please clear my doubt whether doing ipg is mandatory and what are the chances of getting exemption from panel??? THANK YOU ALL

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hi it is recommended but not

it is recommended but not mandatory as of yet. If you pass both MCQ and QE you can apply for an exemption from the IPG program and they give it to you. However, the studentship is longer, but you can apply to get that reduced if you have pharmacy experience. I know people that have got exempted and had reduced hours for studentship. I called the OCP about a month ago and they said it is in the works to become mandatory but it is not yet.. i believe probably in the next year if not sooner.  I'm in the same boat.. just writing my EE in jan and dont know whether it will be mandatory by the time im ready to write the QE.  hope this helps. keep us posted if you find out anything as well.