Recent changing trend for PEBC

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I am looking for January 2012 evaluating exam. i came to know that PEBC has stop taking applications for student visa because they want to add one more compulsary test for students who ll apply through student visa. So they firstly want to implement that course then they ll accept the application.
Is it true??? Please guide me as soon as possible.

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vikas gulia

 Hello dost,
First of all PEBC does not help or give any kind of Student visa.
Second even the canadian embassy will not give a Student Visa for going to canada to give PEBC exam.
I have gone twice to give and pass to PEBC exams both time I was given a visitor visa/business visa by the Canadian Embassy In India. I only showed my examination confirmation letter from PEBC not even the roll number. Since the roll number comes only 3 weeks before the exam.