new immigration rules and how it will affect Pharmacists.

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hello everyone, i like to ask anyone here to clarify for me why pharmacist are not one of the occupations that will be fast tracked by the new immigration rule that was released on the 28 of november this year. How many pharmacists are there in canada now?
thank you.

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Federal Skilled Worker Applications

A very good question!

First of all, I have to say, I am not an expert on immigration issues so I can't not confidently tell you the exact current situation. Immigration is a very technical process, things change quickly and everyone's situation is different.

As far as I am aware Canada is still experiencing a pharmacist shortage, some provinces more so than others. More remote provinces generally have a greater need for pharmacists, though most provinces are currently advertising for pharmacists.

Having done a little reading around the subject my understanding is that requirements for Federal Skilled Worker Applications have changed. Pharmacists are not listed on the list of 38 occupations which will be considered for fast track Federal Skilled Worker visas. However, this does not discount you from qualifying for the Federal Skilled Worker visa. If you have a current job offer from a Canadian employer or you have been legally living in Canada for at least one year as a temporary foreign worker or international student then you may still qualify.

Of course if you do not qualify for a Federal Skilled Worker visa there are other options. One option is to try and get sponsored by an individual province under the Provincial Nomination Program. This would most likely involve getting a job offer from an employer in aprovicne that has a significant shortage of pharmacists. More information can be found at - Provincial Nomination Program FAQ.. If none of these visas apply to you then the only other viable option would be if you had a family member who could sponsor you as a permanent resident.

Immigrating to Canada, though well worth while, is a very involved process, if you make any mistakes with your application it can severely delay the process. If you are in any doubts eek the help of an immigration specialist (generally lawyers who specialise in immigration). Another good resource are the forums at

Best of luck with it all,