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EE January 2015

I've recently moved to Montreal from London and I've enrolled for my first sitting of the EE this coming winter (January 2015). I would greatly appreciate any advice or resource materials anyone has to offer. Also, if a study buddy/group sounds interesting give me a call (514) 923 4588 thanks :)


I just took the PEBC EE last July 2013 and sadly, I was not successful in passing it. I focused my review using The Comprehensive Pharmacy Review by Shargel. What other review materials can I use for next time? 


Hi!They say Misbahs EE review book is a good reference. Do you think Misbah and CPR is a good combo for EE? 
and anyone please can advise me which books are helpful in EE..thanks a lot!


Hi all I have a brand new like 2011 edition CPS for sale. I can give it in a very good price. Email me if interested.
I am Calgary based.


hi, do you also have misbah latest edition? thank you. I am a pharmacist from the Philippines.
hope to hear from you. thank you.


 hi crvmisena!im also from philippines and im taking the EE this jan 2014.what about you?what books are you referring to study? you think misbah book will suffice?
thank you!

Hi Sofia

 Hi Sofia, i am a pharmacist from the philippines too and will take the EE on Jan 2014. would you like to study together? thanks

PEBC EE on July 3,4

 Hi , my name is Baraa. I graduated on 2010 from Ammab,Jordan. I've recently moved to Vancouver, B.C.
I took the ee today and I found it so basic and hard. During my studying I focused on Pharmacology, calculations but unfortunately most of the exam focused on pharmacy practice and business management. I did my best and I don't know if I am going to pass it or not.
I used Misbah's 2010 and 2011 as a refrence and also internet refrences to broad my knowledge.
just wanted to share my pebc story:) 
and also I am looking for any ideas on how to improve studying 


my name is sameem & I preparing for EE I want to ask about misbah that you depend on it is it enugh?
are you never studied in comprehensive pharmacy review, because  when you answer the test questions you find that  misbah is not contain suffiecient information,right?
also what you mean by  internet refrences?

 how did your exam go?

 how did your exam go?

which books are better

i need urgent suggestion about which books are better, those written my Dr. Misbah or Dr. Fatima makarakan?


 Hi, I'm new here and im an international graduate of Pharmacy. I'm looking for a good books and reviewer for EE. Any suggestions pls!



EE 2011

I am SARAN from india.........i want to give EE in july 2011 at london centre......regrading this how to apply for visa to UK?????
any one plz help me.................


hi saran, can we make a study group??///


hi nice to have response from u........ plz send u r email id..............

hi everyone plz if anyone has

hi everyone plz if anyone has CNS part for EE I want this part I will take EEfor jan 2011

Please help me

Hello everybody
I completed my in 2005,since then I have not been in touch with the subjects.Now my husband n me are immigrating to canada i want to start my pharmacy career again.So pls can anybody guide me from where I can start preparing for EE exam? If I start now how long it will take to pick up my knowledge as I am not in a hurry to write the exam anyhow I have send my documents for evaluation.
Also pls guide me about the books if i start from the ground level?

If it is hard to appear for ee exam after this long gap any other option is there to refresh my knowledge.

Hope anybody can guide me the way to study for the exam



hi everyone, i have given my evaluation exam in july 2010 and planning to write qualifying exam in may,im facing problem in getting the books, as the books are costlier.... is there any second hand book store or used book stores in montreal which offers these books for qualifying exam.....any suggestions please

 Hello  Did you pass MCQ

Did you pass MCQ already??

evaluation exam

yes the book are little costly ( comparative term) You should have Therapeutic choice new edition and also if you can get Koda Kimble. You also have look for all the relevent websites of canada for current clinical guidelines.i am for toronto so i have no idea what soever for Montreal.

EE doubt

 HI Akhtar,
So for EE,  TC nd comphresnive review book is enuf..what do u think about it

EE doubt

 HI Akhtar,
So for EE,  TC nd comphresnive review book is enuf..what do u think about it

 hi there i am a new

 hi there

i am a new immigrant to Canada and I 'm preparing for the evaluating exam for the coming january,09

any one can help me in giving me notes about chemistry?



  • What kind of chemistry notes are you looking for?
  • Are you preparing for the evaluating exam?
  • What books do you have right now?