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gloridaeanyone planning to do mcq on May 2015?2 years 39 weeks ago
Pnirav11Hi m Nirav PATEL I m going to write evaluating exam in jan 15. I live in heartland area mississauga . Is there anybody who want to study and discuss about question I would love to join them . I go have all material . Anybody interested plzz let me know..2 years 39 weeks ago
Prachi patelhie Am gonna write evaluating Exam in Jan! Am from mississauga ! Is there Anyone elz from here ???2 years 39 weeks ago
anrash90I'm planning to take the Qualifying Exam in May 2015. If anyone else is also taking it, pls contact me bc I would like any advice or help studying. Thanks!2 years 39 weeks ago
ghazalhi i would be giving EE in september. any one intersted in studying together virtually by email etc.2 years 40 weeks ago
Omarmarwa25@hot...I am gonna write Mcq in May 2015 if any one from Mississauga interested in study group pls Email me, I used to study in Erin meadow library2 years 41 weeks ago
PharmyMcq 2015 study partner/group wanted. waterloo, ontario or over phone?2 years 41 weeks ago
jeniferp8@hotma...I am going to write evaluating exam in July 2015. Can anyone advise which book I should buy to prepare for the exam?2 years 43 weeks ago
gloridaeanyone!! who wanted to do study group for MCQ may 2015? here in Vancouver2 years 43 weeks ago
maxdelwarHi, Does anyone have the Misbah Home study Package+ Notes+ exams? if so then give me a shout. If you are in Toronto, I am interested in buying.2 years 44 weeks ago
Bella_21Hi all, I am looking for a female study partner preparing for Evaluating Exam from Toronto Downtown. Anyone intersted?2 years 44 weeks ago
sannbramdo u have any exam resources?2 years 44 weeks ago
aaishmaHi I would like sell my misbah EE home study package 2014. Anyone interested?2 years 45 weeks ago
sarehHi I am looking for a female partner as a study group for MCQ in May 2015... toronto...I am going to study in north york library2 years 46 weeks ago
dotdynamicCommenting on posts and forums on the site is now fixed!2 years 49 weeks ago
mainaguifree OSCE orientation session in GTA pm me if interested !3 years 31 weeks ago
pharmchicHoney: I am doing mcq and osce in May. Please contact me for studygroup formation 3 years 31 weeks ago
honeyIs anybody giving qualifying part 2 in may 2014 in edmonton?3 years 31 weeks ago
JaRxpharmachieve or misbah for MCQ/OSCE review?thanks a lot! :)3 years 32 weeks ago
stngondohi! i would like to join the ee for juky 20143 years 33 weeks ago
mubin.36Anyone want to join OSCE MAY 2014 group in Vancouver /3 years 33 weeks ago
mubin.36Hi. anyone want to join OSCE MAY 2014 exam group? give me a message3 years 33 weeks ago
Pushpinder any preparing for EE in Victoria??3 years 33 weeks ago
sarahryuare there anyone from australia taking the mcq in may 2014?3 years 33 weeks ago
seifkfouryHi there, Im taking osce 2014 in Vancouver..3 years 33 weeks ago
Happy123there were 80 people who took the exam and nobody was talkin with each other all scared for the exam hpefully all 80 pass:)3 years 34 weeks ago
abhishekThank you3 years 35 weeks ago
abhishekif anybody who has done with all exams and want to give books please let me know about that .3 years 35 weeks ago
abhishekHi there , I am interested in may 2014 3 years 35 weeks ago
struggleri m intrested in may osce 2014 study group3 years 36 weeks ago